OCM Communications: always updated and interesting training

OCM Communications is a society born in 1991; it works in the fields of medical-scentific training developing original projects, which are mainly dedicated to MMG, medical specialists, chemists and nurses.

Since september 2010 OCM communications is part of the Albo of accredited Providers . since the 4 November 2013 it has obtained a standard accreditation from the positive evaluation of the National Commettee of ECM (continual education in medicine)

Through the organisation of a considerable quantity of events, all around the national territory, we have been able to aquire a wide and qualified experience in the field of scientific treaining; we keep a particular regrd to the activities of ECM (continual education in medical science), which allows us to suggest an interesting, always updated curriculum and able to envolve thousands of doctors and experts.

Our society is certified Logo iso9001and affiliated to Logo federcongressi.

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